Serving All Your Real Estate & Note Business Needs

Laws, markets, strategies, procedures, techniques … is your business constantly trying to stay ahead of the changes in real estate? And yet your core business still needs to be kept running, managed and marketed.

In today’s over regulated, fast-changing information age, staying on top of it all – while being a true player in the real estate and notes industry – can be nearly impossible.

Who We Are

Enter Silent Running LP, a full-service real estate solutions company with 15 years of industry experience. We silently “run behind” your company, providing the seamless support you need to make your business great! Silent Running allows you to be out there working your real estate and note business, instead of being bogged down in endless paperwork, research, follow-up and detail management.

Our services include:
Events and Education

What We Do

Silent Running Real Estate takes pride in providing real solutions to effectively manage your business. We can help with borrowers, tenants, contractors, realtors, servicers, field reps and attorneys. Our highly skilled negotiators will negotiate the best pricing for projects, the best mortgage resolutions for you and your borrower, leases with tenants, contracts with buyers and sellers, and help you purchase a mixture of first and second mortgage liens with an emphasis on liens with equity in the second position.

If you want to fix up a house and sell or rent it, we will coach you from beginning to end. We’ll make sure you are buying right, assist with contractors, help you market for the sale, aid in contract negotiations and inspections, and review and approve settlement statements. Our mission is to be behind you as you provide solutions and create a win-win environment for borrowers, lenders, tenants and landlords.

Create a Win-Win Environment

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with mortgage notes is giving distressed homeowners the ability to get back on track after a prolonged period of emotional and financial stress. Silent Running, LP, and those we work with, can help you save their homes and improve their credit, or give them a good price to pay off their mortgage. We sincerely convey your desire to help while our strategic position ensures you are in control – so everyone wins.

No matter your real estate or note business need, Silent Running, LP has a solution. Whether you manage borrowers, renters, buyers, sellers or investors, you have come to the right place.

We are Silent Running, LP and we have your back!