About Us


Michele Garbus, Managing Partner of Silent Running, LP, has over a quarter century of experience in all areas of real estate, mortgage, finance and business management and development. She took her 12 years of experience in turning around .COM companies to achieve profitability, including taking companies Public, and applied it to the real estate and mortgage world over 14 years ago. As a talented strategist, Michele has helped many individuals and corporations see the “big picture” of their goals, and pinpoint practical tactics to help them get there. As an experienced real estate and note investor, she applies her strategic planning skills to help her companies achieve the returns and real estate solutions they require. She does this by not only dedicating her time with her Companies and Borrowers, by selecting the best solution for their needs, but also working and planning financial strategies and goals for the future. In this way, she has built a remarkable record of providing her Companies with the best of care on their investments. Her highly skilled and successful team of partners such as: Attorneys, Servicers, Title Companies, Realtors, Contractors, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers and CPAs provide additional resources not only to get the job done, but to get the job done correctly!

David Garbus, Partner of Silent Running, LP, has been a real estate investor since 1999. He started his real estate career by providing funding and credit in partnership with the former president of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dave also had the privilege of a long military career of 25 years. He served both on active duty, and the last 20 years of service with the Army National Guard. When Dave was not serving our country, he spent his time working for major companies in IT, and providing the critical infrastructure and automation it takes to keep companies competitive in today’s fast paced environment. This experience has allowed him to currently provide these services to his Companies. His diverse military experience and strong ability for analysis, project planning, IT support and the ability to examine situations from multiple angles provides Silent Running, LP a unique and candid analysis of properties that have yielded multiple streams of income.

In 2006, Dave and Michele went into partnership, where they started a note and real estate investing company that has bought and sold notes and properties. Michele and Dave started Silent Running, LP to help Real Estate and Note professionals turn their dreams into reality by helping navigate the path smoothly and successfully. Silent Running, LP knows all the ins and outs of how things are done in the notes and real estate industry, and provides training, guidance and consulting to others in the industry. Our winning business model is derived out of working our own Real Estate and Mortgage Notes to fruition.